Arthur Kitson - Captain James Cook

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Arthur Kitson

Captain James Cook

Sprache: Englisch

Umschlag: Broschur

Erscheinungsjahr: 2012

232 Seiten

Format: 210 mm x 148 mm

ISBN/EAN: 9783954272242


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The famous British captain James Cook (1728-1779) is still well known for his brave expeditions, his geographic discoveries and his achievements in the mapping of the Pacific Ocean. Already as a teenager he joined the British merchant navy; in 1755 he became a member of the Royal Navy. Driven by a deep love for seamanship and a strong desire for exploring the globe, he undertook three grand Pacific voyages and sailed thousands of miles across largely unknown areas of the South Seas. In 1779, during his third voyage, Cook was killed in a fight. Arthur Kitson describes in detail the fascinating and moving life story of James Cook, from his early childhood in Yorkshire until his tragic death on Hawaii.

Reprint of the original edition from 1912.